The Cruelty-Free Community!

The effort to end cruel and unnecessary animal testing involves a huge community of people and organizations. It takes a willingness to change our habits from convenience to compassion, to be a voice for those who can only bark, to write letters to companies and state officials urging them to end these practices, and to share this info via social media… It takes people like YOU to make a difference!

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We applaud the tireless work of many animal advocacy groups and are grateful for the continued press coverage of our own progress.


Cruelty-Cutter In the Media:
Icon-1024-mask 2 November 1, 2015 Featured in POPSUGAR, Online
7 Ways You Can Help a Dog in Need
Want to help a dog in need but don’t know how much of a commitment you can make? Here are seven ways — ranging from the biggest commitment to the simplest……
Icon-1024-mask 2 May 7, 2015 Featured in Glamour magazine, in Print and Online
Cat Saves Dogs: How Model Cat McNeil Works for Animal Rights
Model Cat McNeil is obsessed with her beagle, Harvey. So when she found out that the Harveys of the world—beagles—are the most commonly used dogs in lab research? She cried…..
Icon-1024-mask 2 Dec 5, 2014 Featured in Elle magazine
This App Will Tell You if Your Makeup Has Been Tested on Animals
In March 2013, my time spent living Paris was made even better when I read the news that animal testing had been banned on all cosmetics produced and sold in the EU…..
Icon-1024-mask 2 Nov 25, 2014 Featured in BonzaiAphrodite
An Introduction To Beagle Freedom Project & The Cruelty Cutter App!
Hi! I’m writing this piece right now because I believe in something big, and it’s something that requires active participation by people who care. Bonzai and its readers are a community…..
Icon-1024-mask 2 Nov 24, 2014 Featured in Bustle Online
Cruelty Cutter App Lets You Know Which Beauty Products Were Tested On Animals — Your Makeup Aisle Shopping Just Got A Lot More Animal-Friendly
Have you ever wondered if the products you use have been tested on animals? Well, now …..

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