Download the Cruelty-Cutter app and make your voice heard while shopping consciously!

Doggie Dollars are compassionate currency users can earn and redeem for discounts on awesome cruelty-free companies!

Throughout the Cruelty-Cutter App there are actions you can take to earn Doggie Dollars. These include using our Boycott and Bite-Back features to help spread the word about cruel companies, the Share feature to encourage you social media network to shop ethically, and taking the Cruelty-Free Pledge

Once you’ve accumulated 100 Doggie Dollars, they can be redeemed for discounts and special promotions on cruelty-free products; we will email you with a coupon code for a 10% discount on products by our current Sponsor! You can check your current Doggie Dollar status directly on your Cruelty-Cutter app by accessing the “Settings” function in the App Menu on your phone.

Cruelty Cutter Doggie Dollars