Take Action

We can each do our part to end the unnecessary use of animals in laboratory testing!

All 28 countries in the European Union along with Norway, Israel, and India have banned animal testing on cosmetics. While the United States does not require testing on cosmetics or other personal care items, the government has not yet banned it outright. Without this important legislation, companies will continue to engage in these cruel practices.

Unfortunately change comes too slowly for the millions of animals who are suffering in horrific conditions in labs across the U.S. every year. But the Beagle Freedom Project is doing something to change that! We rescue these animals and give them a chance at a life in a loving family. Our beagles are ambassadors who put a face on the suffering that happens every day behind closed laboratory doors. Since our founding in 2010, over 450 animals have been saved during 90 separate rescue missions; 250 of them were beagles!

But there is still so much more to be done…

Here’s what YOU can do to help:

WRITE to Congress and the FDA and demand that the U.S. follow the lead of these countries that have chosen the smart and compassionate path to ban animal testing.

SIGN the petitions for Animal Welfare Legislation and promote lasting change at the state level.

DOWNLOAD the Cruelty-Cutter app to shop ethically and join a community of consumer activism.

VOCALIZE your dissent via the Bite-Back feature and promote cruelty-free alternatives via the Share function.

SUPPORT the work of the Beagle Freedom Project to expose the cruelty involved in animal experimentation.